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Juggling between project management, client interactions, and administrative tasks can become overwhelming, leading to decreased efficiency and missed opportunities. Our solutions have been designed to address these challenges. Discover how we can help you!

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Streamline your Sales

Selling solar projects can be a daunting task, involving interacting with potential clients, closing deals, and tracking projects, all while juggling other aspects of your business. Otonomi DX simplifies and minimizes your sales efforts. Your prospects enter their own information, and Otonomi DX automatically selects the solar kit that suits their needs. This allows you to prioritize and manage incoming requests effectively, enabling you to focus your time on high-potential prospects and increase your sales opportunities.

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One month after the launch of our platform, 200 users have found a solar kit that suited their needs. This has allowed our technical team to free up about 30 hours of work !

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Size Custom Projects Faster

Ensuring accurate project sizing is essential, but it can be time-consuming and demanding. With Otonomi PV, our off-grid solar sizing application, simplify and reduce the time required to design custom projects. In just minutes, effectively address your client’s needs without keeping them waiting.

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Illustration showing decentralized energy systems with Solutions Otonomi
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Centralized Data Management

Quickly accessing customer information and ensuring effective follow-up can be challenging. Our technological solutions, whether it’s Otonomi PV or Otonomi DX, offer the advantage of centralized data management. With user-friendly dashboards, all essential project information is easily accessible. Review and process the data you need quickly, simplifying your daily tasks and enhancing your efficiency.

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