Overcome the Labor Shortage

Finding the right people for your solar buisness is not easy, and when you do, the competition for these talents can be fierce. Otonomi Solutions understands the pain you're experiencing and offers innovative solutions.

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Maximize your Team's Efficiency

In a context of limited labor force, it becomes imperative to maximize efficiency. By optimizing your existing resources, you can continue to meet project demands and remain competitive.

Otonomi Solutions software enables greater efficiency. Designed to empower your teams through automation, they also reduce the need for additional manpower, whether it’s sizing projects faster with OtonomiPV or accelerating your sales with OtonomiDX

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One month after the launch of our platform, 200 users have found a solar kit that suited their needs. This has allowed our technical team to free up about 30 hours of work !

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Simplify Employee Training and Onboarding

When adressing labor shortages, one of the greatest challenges is to swiftly bring your new team members up to speed. Otonomi Solutions offers easy-to-use software that simplifies training and integration, even for those with less experience.

For example, with Otonomi PV, our application guides users through the project sizing process, providing real-time feedback and alerts to assist in making informed decisions. This not only ensures tasks are performed accurately but also speeds up the learning process for new team members.

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Hire the Right People

Finding the right people for your solar projects is not easy and time consuming, and when you do, the competition for these talents can be fierce. At Otonomi Solutions we understand the pain you’re experiencing and we can help you find the perfect fit.

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