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Sell your solar kits and manage off-grid solar projects with Otonomi DX

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Determine the Best Solution for your Clients

Otonomi DX identifies your clients need and guides them towards the perfect solar kit for their project.

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Let your prospects qualifying themselves

Otonomi DX allows your prospects to self-qualify and reduces your efforts. Our platform will recommend the best solar kit you sell regarding your prospect's need.

One month after the launch of our platform, 200 users have found a solar kit that suited their needs. This has allowed our technical team to free up about 30 hours of work !

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Find Out Why Your Kits Aren’t Selling

Otonomi DX compare what your solar kits offer and what clients need when they submit a solar project demand on your platform. These useful insights let’s you adapt your kits to the changing markets demand.

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Your company may be eligible for a 2400$ grant

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Customizable to Your Brand

Otonomi DX takes your logo and brand colors to create a platform that reflects your unique identity. Customize your platform by adding kit specifications, pictures, and descriptions.

3 ways to use Otonomi DX

Integrating with your website and online store

Use the platform to engage with your customers and help them figure out their needs with a simple form. If you have an online store, they can buy from there.

Share plateform’s link

Don’t have a website yet? No worries ! You can still take advantage of digital opportunities by directly sharing the platform link with your future customers.

For your team

Automate your sales processes by using the platform to manage your kits and walk-in customer requests. User-friendly and simple to use, your salespeople and technicians can complete the form regardless of their experience with solar.


Is Otonomi DX right for me?

Otonomi DX lets clients qualify themselves for you. They enter through a platform under your colors to deposit their solar project and it guides them towards the right kits you are selling. We offer a free demo for you to learn more about it!

How quick can I get started with Otonomi DX?

Our team will setup your plateform in less than 48h, just enter your kits details and define your load profiles and you’re good to go.

How much does it cost ?

Depending on the use of our software, we recommend you contact us in order to have a quote or to book a free demo.

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