Our story

Floréal Villanova and Théo Germain, two experienced professionals in the renewable energy sector with over 20 years of expertise, join forces to offer their knowledge to solar professionals.
Otonomi Solutions is built on strong ethical and environmental values. They are committed to a sustainable economic development approach and aspire to collaborate with all stakeholders in the energy ecosystem to facilitate the adoption of green energies and promote energy self-sufficiency.


Floréal Villanova
CEO and Co-Founder

Floréal is a pioneer in the solar industry, he started his career in 2009 in Europe as a technical sales representative. He has a Diploma in Negotiation and Customer Relationship, and his extensive knowledge of the European and North American markets enables him to anticipate market trends and leverage his extensive network. His excellent interpersonal skills enable him to stay close to his market and its stakeholders.

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Théo Germain
CTO and Co-Founder

With a background in electrical engineering and industrial computing, Théo discovered the photovoltaic industry during travels in Australia and New Zealand. He decided to further develop his technical skills within a Montreal-based equipment distributor, where he was responsible for engineering and sizing projects, commissioning, and implementing integrated solutions for Hydro-Québec. He also developed and supervised international projects there.

Illustration background showing decentralized energy systems
Illustration showing decentralized energy systems with Solutions Otonomi

Our Mission

Otonomi Solutions aims to revolutionize the solar industry by providing innovative and efficient software solutions. The company is committed to simplifying complex processes for solar professionals, empowering them to streamline their operations and maximize their impact. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, Otonomi Solutions strive to be the trusted partner for all solar experts, facilitating their journey towards a sustainable future.

Our Values


We aspire to constantly push the boundaries of technological innovation in the solar industry by developing innovative software solutions tailored to the ever-evolving needs of solar energy professionals


We firmly believe in the importance of collaboration and partnerships. We foster a culture of cooperation both internally and externally within the company, working closely with our clients and industry specialists to create synergies and collectively promote positive changes in the solar field.


We prioritize solutions that support renewable energies, reduce environmental footprint, and contribute to global initiatives in combating climate change. Otonomi Solutions is committed to sustainable economic development and seeks to collaborate with all stakeholders in the energy ecosystem to promote the adoption of clean energies and encourage energy self-sufficiency.

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