Our story

Floréal Villanova and Théo Germain, two passionate professionals who have been working in the renewable energy sector for over 20 years, have decided to leverage their expertise to serve professionals in the solar industry. The company is built on strong ethical and environmental values. Committed to sustainable economic development, the founders collaborate with all actors in the energy ecosystem to actively facilitate the adoption of green energy and promote energy self-sufficiency.

Illustration background showing decentralized energy systems
Illustration showing decentralized energy systems with Solutions Otonomi

Our Mission

At Solutions Otonomi, our mission is to provide powerful software solutions that simplify complex processes for the solar professional

Our Values


We strive to continuously push the boundaries of technological advancements in the solar industry, developing innovative software solutions that meet the evolving needs of solar professionals


We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships. We foster a collaborative culture both internally and externally, working closely with our clients and industry experts to create synergies and collectively drive positive change in the solar industry.

Environmental Responsibility

We prioritize solutions that promote renewable energy, minimize environmental impact, and contribute to the global efforts in combating climate change.

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