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Otonomi Solutions Inc. Enters the Canadian Market with a First Project for Trans-CanadaEnergiesDistribution (TCED)

Montreal, August 30, 2023 – Established in June 2021, Otonomi Solutions Inc. specializes in developing software solutions for photovoltaic professionals. Building on the success of Otonomi PV (2022) and Otonomi DX (2023) launches, the company is now expanding its presence in the Canadian market. This includes a strategic partnership with Trans-CanadaEnergiesDistribution (TCED) and a participation in the Electricity Transformation Canada Exhibition in October in Alberta.


A Vast Market to Conquer in ROC (Rest of Canada)

“Solar power is on the rise: a quarter of Canada’s installed power capacity was added in 2022 alone. Canada boasts 196 major solar energy projects generating power across the country,” reports the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CANRea) in their January 2023 press release.

These encouraging statistics are especially notable in certain provinces. Specifically, Alberta stands out as the primary contributor to this growth, accounting for 759 MW out of a total of 771 MW. Other provinces such as Saskatchewan (+10 MW), Nova Scotia (+2 MW), and Yukon (+0.1 MW) show potential, though they fall short of CanREA’s desired growth rate outlined in their 2050 vision, “which calls for an annual deployment of an additional 1.6 GW of commercial solar energy.”

As Canada reaffirms its commitment to promoting clean and green energy without delay* and with abundant energy supply sources, hydroelectricity, natural gas, and crude oil production remain the leading sources of electricity production ahead of renewable resources.**

*Government of Canada Releases Vision to Build a Clean, Affordable and Reliable Electricity System to Power Canada Forward

**Energy Profiles of Canadian Provinces and Territories


Otonomi Solutions Inc.: Green Innovation at Its Best

Founded in Montreal in June 2021 by Floréal Villanova and Théo Germain, two passionate professionals with over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Otonomi Solutions Inc. is on a mission to promote off-grid solar adoption by developing software solutions dedicated to photovoltaic professionals.

“Even today, the majority of individuals still believe they are obligated to be connected to public power grids. However, faced with extreme weather conditions and the vast Canadian territories, off-grid solar power is a relevant energy source due to its reliability and quick implementation. Whether out of necessity (remote sites) or choice, energy independence eliminates dependency on external factors that can influence energy costs. Factors like inflation, economic crises, rising maintenance costs of power grids and energy production means, issues related to conflicts like the war in Ukraine, or provincial decisions like Alberta’s halt on approving new renewable energy projects,” comments Floréal Villanova, CEO of Otonomi Solutions Inc.

Yet, despite its flexibility, off-grid solar project design is also more complex. A portion of the work is still done manually using rudimentary CAD tools, complex calculations on Excel files, or by hand. These time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be efficiently handled with innovative digital tools! Leveraging over two decades of founders’ on-field expertise in solar energy, the company has developed two digital tools: Otonomi PV in 2022 and Otonomi DX in 2023. These tools enable the design of autonomous solar projects in a few clicks, thereby simplifying and accelerating the commercialization and sale of such projects.

We stand at a crossroads with a new generation emerging to succeed experienced professionals. In this context, digitalization is a powerful lever to attract young generations while supporting the more experienced ones! Today, the market faces two major challenges: the increasing demand for off-grid photovoltaic projects and the shortage of qualified workforce. Otonomi PV (1) and Otonomi DX (2) – address these significant sectoral challenges by simplifying and expediting project design and sales stages while reducing the learning curve for newcomers” says Théo Germain, CTO of Otonomi Solutions Inc.

(1) Press Release Launch Otonomi Solutions Inc. Otonomi PV

(2) Press Release Launch Otonomi DX


Partnership with Trans-CanadaEnergiesDistribution (TCED): A New Milestone for the Start-Up

In alignment with its roadmap and buoyed by the positive reception of their products in Quebec, the start-up is fully aware of the significance of this new phase in its development. Embarking on the journey to conquer Canada necessitates the ability to cater to the needs of major Canadian companies in the sector, such as Trans-CanadaEnergiesDistribution (TCED), an international distributor of portable and renewable energy solutions.

In June, Élise Rozon, President of TCED Group, invited the two co-founders to showcase their products at the annual gathering of Batteries Expert franchisees. The objective was to gauge the enthusiasm for the solutions offered by the start-up within their network. Mission accomplished! By July, a pilot project was initiated with the parent company of Batteries Expert, and multiple licenses were sold to professionals within the network, whose mission is to “offer products and solutions for portable and alternative energy to individuals.”

As a seasoned businesswoman with an affinity for innovation, Élise Rozon quickly grasped the added value of the solutions proposed by the company. “With a growing network of franchisees, our duty is to collaborate with partners providing solutions that simplify the purchasing process for end consumers. In this regard, Otonomi DX perfectly meets the needs of our franchisees. Furthermore, the expansion of Otonomi Solutions Inc.’s activities across all of Canada reaffirms our partnership choice. Indeed, our ambition is to accelerate the development of our franchise network throughout the Canadian territory, and we are confident that we can rely on this company to support us on this journey,” adds Élise Rozon.


Meet Us in Calgary in October 2023

Initiated by CanREA, Electricity Transformation Canada is a professional trade show that brings together energy industry professionals from converging sectors – wind energy, solar energy, and energy storage – under one roof. The objective is to provide them with a platform to network, collaborate, and foster business growth.

“We are eagerly looking forward to participating in this professional trade show to engage with key stakeholders in Canada’s clean energy market ecosystem. Beyond presenting our solutions, our aspiration is to build business relationships and forge win-win partnerships with our Canadian peers! And there’s no better way to achieve this than by participating in the largest specialized solar event in Canada,” says Floréal Villanova, CEO of Otonomi Solutions Inc.

“The upcoming years will mark the expansion of our products throughout the rest of North America. We have a well-defined product roadmap and will take our innovations even further to make our users’ lives easier. AI is undoubtedly one of the avenues for development, but what remains most crucial is staying attuned to our market. We will tailor our products to the realities of our users,” conclude Théo and Floréal in unison.


Practical Information

Electricity Transformation Canada

Date: October 24-25, 2023

Location: BMO Centre, Calgary, Alberta

Booth: 927 | Start-up Area


About Otonomi Solutions Inc.

Launched in June 2021, Otonomi Solutions Inc. offers a range of innovative digital tools dedicated to solar professionals. Founded on strong eco-responsible and sustainable values, the company aims to contribute to the green energy transition by promoting the adoption of off-grid solar energy.


About TCED

INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR, TCED is an international distributor of portable and renewable energy solutions. From automotive batteries to generators and solar panels, we offer over 10,000 products to various sectors. TCED is a third-generation family-owned business with nearly 60 years of experience. Since its inception in 1964, TCED has experienced significant growth while maintaining the qualities and values often associated with family businesses. TCED is the official distributor and franchisor of Batteries Expert stores.


About Batteries Expert

Batteries Expert stores offer a wide range of portable and alternative energy products. Batteries, cells, electric mobility, lighting, solar energy systems, and more. The Batteries Expert network comprises over 61 stores located in Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.


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