Alt-Énergie : One of the largest solar installer in Quebec

Who are they?

Alt-Énergie is one of the leading resellers and installers of solar energy equipment in Quebec. They specialize in the design, sizing, and installation of solar energy production and storage systems. Through their network of retailers, they make this type of equipment accessible. Whether for off-grid applications or those connected to an electrical grid like Hydro-Québec, Alt-Énergie approaches each project uniquely and tailored to meet the specific energy needs of their clients.


What are their challenges?

In rapid expansion in recent years, Alt-Énergie must grow sustainably while effectively managing challenges related to:

  • Workforce
  • Increasing client demand
  • Efficient resource management
  • Integration of new internal tools and processes


How does Otonomi DX support their growth?

“The Otonomi DX platform allows both us and our clients to start a project well by gathering several pieces of information from the outset that will be useful for the project’s completion. This initial setup enables the team to seamlessly engage with clients and proceed through to project completion.

The platform assists the prospect in identifying key elements to consider for upcoming projects, such as appliance consumption, installation location, required budget, etc. Thus, it clarifies the initial project expectations, transitioning from concept to concrete reality, bridging theory with practice.”


“It’s a valuable tool that helps us guide individuals looking to equip themselves through the various offers found within our catalog.”

Fred Gelinas, Alt-Énergie



What do they prefer?

“The dashboard of the platform streamlines efficient project management, enabling our team to easily retrieve, modify, add notes, and classify each request.”

 The numbers

“Since its launch, we receive over a dozen inquiries daily on our platform from clients who want to start a solar project. This significantly saves time for both us and our clients.”

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