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Our innovative sofwares are designed for solar profesionnals no matter their experience

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Sofwares built to tackle solar professionals day to day challenges

As a solar installer, reseller or even wholesaler, you might be facing the complexity and time-consuming nature of project design, as well as a shortage of qualified labor. To help you overcome these obstacles, Otonomi Solutions has created software tailored to your needs.

The Solar Kit Sales Platform

Quickly qualify your Leads

This platform guides your prospects by asking them questions about their project, such as the address, their consumption, desired autonomy, etc. In less than 5 minutes, Otonomi DX offers them your solar kits best suited to their needs, along with a price estimate. All you need to do is pick up the file and continue the sales process with the most promising prospects.


  • Save time
  • Sell more
  • Optimize your customer service

“Otonomi DX has truly made a difference by transforming our challenges into opportunities.”

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The Off-Grid Solar Sizing App

Design Without Error

Otonomi PV is the ultimate tool for sizing off-grid projects such as RVs, cabins, boats, and more. Enter your project specifications and receive essential information for your installation, including recommended solar equipment, electrical calculations, wiring diagrams, and more! The calculations are based on the manufacturers recommandations and real feedback from the field.


  • Save time
  • Make your employees autonomous
  • Reduce the possibility of errors

“I’ve never been so quick to size up a solar project.”

Discover Otonomi PV

Otonomi Solutions helps solar professionals tackle the challenges of this demanding profession: labor shortages, time management, meticulous work during the sizing stage, prospecting, etc. All while demand has skyrocketed in recent years!

You Have The Challenges, We Have The Solutions

Case Study

In just three months, over 500 requests have been submitted through the solar kits sales platform used by Batteries Expert, saving them dozens of hours of work.

Logo of Batteries Expert
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Floréal Villanova and Théo Germain, the founders of Solutions Otonomi

The Founders

Two former solar professionals in search of a solution for their industry

“As solar professionals for over 20 years, we constantly faced the same issues: complex and time-consuming designs, long Excel files with endless formulas… Being efficient felt like a race against time!

That’s when the idea took root: to create simple and intuitive software to maximize time and reduce errors for all professionals, regardless of their experience level.

With several thousand projects created using our solutions, it’s a challenge we’ve successfully overcome!

Looking ahead, we are committed to constant innovation and are not stopping here.”

Théo and Floréal
Co-founders of Otonomi Solutions

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Who are our software made for?

We specialize in softwares that are directed to solar installers, retailers, manufacturers and resellers.

Which software is right for me?

Otonomi PV helps design off-grid solar projects and Otonomi DX guides your customer towards the right solar kit for their projects and helps you manage all of your solar projects.

How much do the tools cost?

Depending on the use of our softwares, we recommend you contact us in order to have a quote or to book a free demo.

Is Otonomi Solutions recognized in the industry?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the founders of Otonomi Solutions are well-known and recognized, also all our solutions are designed with solar professionals active in the field, such as installers, resellers, wholesalers, etc.

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