A Franchise Network: Batteries Expert

Batteries Expert headquarters, Saint-Jean sur Richelieu, Canada

Who is Batteries Expert?

Batteries Expert is a company specialized in portable, renewable, and sustainable energy solutions for a variety of applications. With recognized expertise in the battery field, they offer a wide range of products ranging from batteries for automotive vehicles to rechargeable batteries for electronic devices. Over the years, they have diversified their offerings to include renewable energy equipment such as solar panels, regulators, etc.

Their network consists of 63 branches across Quebec and Ontario.

What are their challenges?

  • Helping clients find the suitable energy solution
  • Serving multiple clients simultaneously
  • Effectively addressing information and pricing needs for solar kits
  • Overcoming network diversity
  • Facing challenges related to labor and solar expertise

How does the Otonomi DX the Solar Kit platform helps their day to day?


In branches, the platform is presented to prospects on a self-service tablet. In less than 5 minutes, they estimate their solar project. When they go to the counter, the salesperson or technician has all the customer information thanks to their dashboard and can complete the final steps of the sale. The customer can also be assisted by the professional to fill out the form by asking them questions.


Otonomi DX is also available on the Batteries Expert website, allowing all prospects to find the ideal solar kit and purchase it directly online. They can also find the nearest branch to finalize the purchase in person.

Their favorite feature?

The pre-established consumption profil. The consumer can create their consumption profile in seconds thanks to the profile pre-filled by Batteries Expert, allowing them to modify it as they wish with a solid and reliable working base. They quickly and easily provide information about their project so that the platform can recommend the most suitable solar kits for their needs.

Their extra touch?

Some of their franchisees have printed a QR code on the back of their business cards, allowing prospects to access their platform at any time to make multiple estimates at their convenience.

The numbers

In just three months, over 500 requests have been made on the platform, saving dozens of hours of work.

“We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Otonomi Solutions. Their innovative approach, commitment to excellent customer service, and their ability to adapt to our needs meet our expectations. Not only have they provided cutting-edge technological solutions for our company, but their dedicated team has also demonstrated great responsiveness and constant support at every stage of the process. Otonomi DX has truly made a difference by transforming our challenges into opportunities. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable and efficient partners for their technological projects.”

Marc-André Duchesne, Sales Director

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