A 49 years company : Spécialités Électriques

Spécialités Électriques is a company located in Rivière-du-Loup (QC, Canada), specializing in providing electrical and solar solutions for various applications. Founded in 1975 by Gilbert Pelletier, they have developed their expertise in solar systems, commercial and residential electrical installations.

What are their challenges?

Otonomi DX addresses their challenge of having to spend a significant amount of time with clients to size their solar systems. This task, although crucial, was very time-consuming, especially with the shortage of qualified labor. It prevented them from spending as much time with all their clients as they would have liked or required them to divide their employees between the warehouse and the counter.

How does the Otonomi DX the Solar Kit platform helps their day to day?


At Spécialités Électriques, the platform is used to significantly reduce the time needed to size a solar system, whether by experienced employees or not. With the help of the platform, they can estimate projects with their clients live, in less than 5 minutes. All the information is stored on their platform, allowing any team member to pick up where they left off if the client decides to come back later.

At distance:

You know the well known phone call: “Hello, I’d like to start a solar project and would like some information?” which leads to hours of discussions, often not resulting in a sale? Well, at Spécialités Électriques, that’s a thing of the past. During such calls, they can now send their prospects the link to their Otonomi DX by email so they can fill it out themselves. This saves them from having to invest time without a guaranteed result in the end.

Their favorite feature?

The pre-established consumption profiles, whether for a cabin, a house, an RV, or a boat, allow Spécialités Électriques to create profiles that help their prospects size their solar projects. Whether the prospects are already knowledgeable about solar energy or not, they can independently find the right kit by modifying, erasing, or adding appliances to these pre-built profiles. If they have a well-educated solar client, he or she can access the “pro mode”, allowing them to make deeper changes such as voltage, hourly consumption, or power.

The numbers

Since Spécialités Électriques started using Otonomi DX in 2024, more than 100 solar project requests have been made on the platform. Considering each project takes at least an hour, that’s more than 100 hours saved! That would be 2 months of a full-time sales rep’s time! Not bad, right?!

“I thank the team at Solutions Otonomi for my platform. It allows us to save a considerable amount of time, which is very rare with the labor shortage. Plus, clients can get an idea of the system that would be suitable for them in just a few clicks.

Sébastien Pelletier, Technical Coordinator, Spécialités Électriques

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