Episode III The daily life of a solar installer

David Menard, solar panel installeur in fonrt of one of his off grid project

What is the reality of a solar installer in rural areas?

Get ready for a captivating dive into the bustling daily life of David Menard of Men et Fils, our exciting guest of this 3rd episode about being a solar ionstaller in nothern of Quebec!

As a solar installer in rural area, he unveils the backstage of his profession, sharing his challenges, successes, and tips to overcome numerous obstacles such as the search for labor…

Floréal and David have a candid and heartfelt discussion about the realities of working in the solar industry, sharing their personal experiences and insights.

You wouldn’t want to miss this immersive experience where every detail is explored. And to top it off, David even surprised us by performing our theme song himself! 🤘

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Happy listenning Solar Warriors🎧


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