Time Management

Juggling between project management, customer interactions, and administrative tasks can become overwhelming, potentially leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Here is how we can help.

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Solar Sales Automation

Balancing the demands of solar sales can be challenging, with the need to engage with potential customers, follow up on leads, and close deals while also managing other aspects of your business. Otonomi DX empowers you to ease your sales efforts.
Your prospects enter their information, and Otonomi DX automatically selects the right solar kit for them.
You can now prioritize and manage leads efficiently, allowing you to focus your time on prospects with the highest potential, and increasing your chances of closing deals.

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One month after the launch of our platform, 200 users have found a solar kit that suited their needs. This has allowed our technical team to free up about 30 hours of work !

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Size Custom Projects Faster

Accurate project sizing is crucial, but it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Otonomi PV, our off-grid solar sizing calculator simplifies and reduces the time it takes to design accurate projects. In just minutes meet your customer needs efficiently without the usual time-consuming processes.

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Illustration showing decentralized energy systems with Solutions Otonomi
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Centralized Data Management

Quickly accessing customer information and keeping track of follow-ups can be challenging. Whether you're using OtonomiPV or OtonomiDX, our tools offer the advantage of centralized data management. With user-friendly dashboards, all essential project details and lead information are at your fingertips. Access, review, and process the data you need quickly, simplifying your data management tasks and improving your efficiency.

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