Solving the Labor Challenge in Your Solar Business

We all know how difficult it is to find qualified labor, train them quickly, and keep them long-term. That’s why we developed Otonomi DX, a platform that allows you to make your new hires efficient in your sales process and make them operational in record time.

We train your new hires to use the platform

One of the most valuable features of Otonomi DX is not just a tool, but a comprehensive training service. We understand that as a solar professional, your time is precious. That’s why we offer personalized training to help your team get up to speed with our platform as quickly as possible. Our experts will work with your new hires to ensure they are confident and efficient in using Otonomi DX, allowing them to hit the ground running and contribute to your business from day one. With our training services, you can rest assured that your team is fully equipped to make the most of our platform and streamline your solar installation process.

Creating pre-established kits

An intuitive dashboard allows you to create pre-established kits within the platform, making it easy for new hires to select the best solar kit for their clients based on their specific needs. This ensures that they don’t make any mistakes when assisting their clients. They can simply follow the Otonomi DX form, and the platform will propose the best kit for their client, ensuring accuracy and saving time. This allows your new hires to focus on other important tasks, such as providing excellent customer service.

A dashboard view of the Otonomi DX platform, showing the intuitive interface for creating a custom solar kit

Automatic Kit Recommendation

Once your new hires have selected the appropriate consumption profile, Otonomi DX automatically recommends your best kits to meet your client’s needs. This means you don’t have to spend time recalculating which kit is appropriate for each client. Additionally, this allows your new hires to gain confidence and autonomy, as they know they are offering the best solutions to your clients.

Project Tracking Over Time

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to track all your projects, so you know where you stand at any time. You can see which projects are in progress, which projects have been completed, and which projects require special attention. This allows you to manage your business more efficiently and save time by avoiding delays and errors. You can even access old projects to improve your after-sales service or modify already installed projects.Dashboard view of project statuses on Otonomi DX, showing to do, ongoing, sold and lost projects

By using Otonomi DX, you can train your new hires quickly and efficiently, allowing them to become operational in record time. The features of pre-established kit creation, automatic kit recommendation, and project tracking over time allow you to manage your business more efficiently and save valuable time.

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