Lead Generation

In the competitive solar industry, generating quality leads is critical to sustaining growth. But it's often time-consuming and challenging.
Otonomi DX offers practical solutions to address this concern.

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Let your prospects qualifying themselves

For business success, attracting new customers is crucial. Yet, the challenge lies in identifying genuine prospects, saving time and effort. Otonomi DX simplifies this by guiding prospects to self-qualify, streamlining the process. Our platform allows your potential customers to embrace the process of figuring out their projects requirements and look for the best kit from your shop. This not only spares you from lengthy conversations with disinterested parties but also allows you to focus on engaged prospects, perfect for your solar solutions.

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One month after the launch of our platform, 200 users have found a solar kit that suited their needs. This has allowed our technical team to free up about 30 hours of work !

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Meet Your Customers Where They Are

In today's digitalized world, reaching potential customers through their preferred channels can be challenging. Every person is different. The flexibility of Otonomi DX ensures that you can reach potential customers wherever they are. We built it to make easy to send lead generation links to customers during a phone call, incorporate the platform into your website, or use it in-store. With Otonomi DX, having a website is not a requirement; we empower you to connect with prospects on your terms.

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Prioritize Your Effort

Once leads start coming in, tracking and managing them efficiently is crucial. Otonomi DX centralizes all lead data and history in one place, simplifying the lead management process. With our platform, you can easily acces leads informations, prioritize and treat them through the dashboard, ensuring that you're always focused on the most promising opportunities.

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