How to Get More Solar Customers?

We will explore how Otonomi DX can help you attract new customers as a solar panel installer or reseller. We will focus on the most interesting feature of the platform: kit recommendations based on pre-established consumption profiles.

Let them qualify themselves

During my 15 years of experience in the solar industry as a technical sales representative, I’ve learned that when a prospect seeks to make a purchase, they do so when they want, where they’ve decided, and how they intend to proceed.

That is why we created Otonomi DX.

Otonomi DX is an innovative solar kit sales platform designed to help prospects choose the kits best suited to their specific needs. By asking detailed questions about the customer’s solar project, the platform provides your best solar kits. Offered as a white-label solution, Otonomi DX allows you to customize the user experience under your own brand while leveraging Solutions Otonomi’s advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your solar kit sales.

One goal : Empower solar panel installers and renewable energy equipment dealers to attract new clients more quickly and effortlessly.

Let’s see how.

Make your platform visible on your Website

Being a white-labeling platform, Otonomi DX allows you to integrate it directly into your website. It’s as easy as it sounds: simply create a visible call-to-action button on your website. This button, such as “Create My Kit” or “Calculate My Solar Project,” should be strategically placed in the header, tabs, or dropdown menus to make it easily accessible for your prospects, encouraging visitors to interact directly with your platform from their first visit.

Pre-established Consumption Profiles

First, the platform recommends a consumption profile based on the type of project chosen by the customer, whether it is a house, a chalet, a boat or RV. This consumption profile is pre-established by the professional himself, taking into account the specific needs of each project. This step of defining consumption is crucial because it constitutes the heart of solar calculations.


Professional Mode for Advanced Adjustments

For more experienced users, we have provided a professional mode offering more in-depth modifications, particularly with regard to the technical characteristics of the devices, such as voltages, power, number of hours of use per day, etc. This mode allows for even more precise customization of the consumption profile, adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

Kit Recommendations and Client Choice

Once the consumption profile is validated, Otonomi DX proposes the best kits of the professional to offer to the prospect. Three options are usually presented: a kit perfectly adapted to the needs of the client, an economic kit with technical adjustments such as solar power or storage capacity, and a high-end kit offering superior features, such as greater autonomy, for example. This variety allows the customer to choose the solution that best suits their needs and budget constraints.

Thus, the prospect has the opportunity to browse the different proposals, choose the kit that suits them best, and even revisit the project from the kit proposal page. This interactive and flexible approach guarantees optimal customer satisfaction and a perfect match between the customer’s needs and the solutions offered by Otonomi DX. By using our platform, you can offer a personalized and professional customer experience that will help you attract new customers.

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