Time Management: How can you Streamline Your Solar Panel Installation Business?

We will explore how Otonomi DX can help you save time in your solar panel installation business. We will focus on the features that allow you to streamline your work process and save valuable time.

Pre-established Consumption Profiles

One of the most useful features of Otonomi DX is the ability to create pre-established consumption profiles for your clients. This means you don’t have to spend time gathering detailed information about each client’s consumption habits. Instead, the appropriate consumption profile for your client’s project type is offered to provide them with a working base. They can modify this list according to their needs, which saves you valuable time in the data collection stage.

Example of a pre-established consumption profile table in Otonomi DX to facilitate data collection

Professional Mode for Advanced Adjustments

If you need to further customize your client’s consumption profile, our platform offers a professional mode that allows you (or your client) to modify the technical characteristics of the devices, such as voltages, power, number of hours of use per day, etc. This allows for an even more accurate consumption profile for your client, while saving time and effort.

Advanced consumption profile table in Otonomi DX with customizable options for experienced users

Automatic Kit Recommendation

Once they have selected the appropriate consumption profile, it automatically recommends your best kits to meet their needs. This means you don’t have to recalculate each time which kit is appropriate for each client.

Project Tracking Over Time

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to track all your projects, so you know where you stand at any time. You can see which projects are in progress, which projects have been completed, and which projects require special attention. This allows you to manage your business more efficiently and save time by avoiding delays and errors. You can even access old projects to improve your after-sales service or modify already installed projects.

By using Otonomi DX, you can save valuable time as a solar panel installer or reseller. The features of pre-established consumption profiles, professional mode, automatic kit recommendation, and real-time project tracking allow you to streamline your work process and focus on the most important aspects of your business.

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